Karl Suss – Suss Microtec

1. Suss Falcon / ACS 200 Plus / Gamma 60 – 80 / Delta

We refurbish and repair Suss Microtec Falcon, ACS 200 Plus, Suss Gamma 60/80 and Delta Coater Developer Alta Spray etc.

We refurbish, repair and rebuild hotplates and coolplates and are able to offer improvements.

For the Falcon we offer refurbishments on Coater or Developer Modules. Also we refurbish Dispense arm assemblies, robots, pumps etc.

Over the years we have build up a large stock of spare parts and also  complete modules. Our stock includes Novotron Spin Motor controllers, Kobold Spin Motors and other models, PC7 controllers, Lippert Automation Boards, Genmark spares, chucks etc.

Suss Microtec Gamma Coater Developer Track system with 2 Hotplates and 1 HMDS Hotplate, 2 Storage Coolplates

Suss Microtec Gamma Coat Develope Track System, Spinner

  • We perform full service and maintenance for the Gamma machines.
  • Service contracts are available world wide.
  • Online Service Telephone support
  • Call us if you have strange problems with your tool

Suss Microtec ACS Developer Module

  • We refurbish the ACS modules to OEM standards
  • Replacing all fittings and process valves where appropriate we refurbish
  • We rebuild the Dispense Arm Hardware, exchange stepper motors and slides re-tube and re-wire the system
  • Calibration of the Arm movements Process testing with the MMC SW Final Testing and pre-acceptance

Full Refurbishment Service on Convac & Suss Falcon Modules

 Suss Falcon Developer Module Refurbishment

  • This Falcon Developer Module has been in production for over 10 years
  • The Module was so badly worn that the module needed full refurbishment
  • All valves, tubes and fittings were exchanged
  • The Developer Arm was rebuild with new stepper motors, spindles and slides and bearings
  • The Module was completely stripped, decontaminated, rebuild and calibrated
  • The MMC Software is very flexible and allows to take out a defective Module from the Process Flow, so the rest of the Falcon can continue to stay in production

Falcon Developer Module Full Refurbishment

Taking the module completely apart in different assembly groups. Preparing to exchange cables, tubing, valves. Taking out the electrical parts assemblies and the pneumatical assemblies. Stripping the module to it´s empty shell in order to clean and decontaminate the module.



















At the end of the Refurbishment the Developer Module looks like this:















2. Karl Suss ACS 200 Classic

We refurbish and repair Karl Suss ACS 200 Classic tracks and stand alone RC8 tools. (pictures will follow soon)

Over the years we have build up a large stock of spare parts and also modules such as RC8 Coater, Developer, HCV and MHU modules.

We refurbish and rebuild hotplates and coolplates and are able to offer improvements.