Convac was founded in 1968 and manufactured over 3000 machines until 1999 when Convac was purchased by Karl Suss.

There are still quite a few Convacs in Production.

We have serviced Convacs in high volume FABs in Taiwan, Korea and USA.

Over the years we have progressed from a pure service orieneted company to a specialist adding process upgrades to existing machines.

Other Corner stones are refurbishing and remanufacturing of Coater/Developer Chambers, Hotplates, Dispense Arms, Handling Robots and resist pumps.

Customers with sprecial requests to upgrade, refurbish or repair their old Convac are welcome to contact us.


Here a short overview of some of our projects are demonstrated with pictures: (pictures coming soon)

M2000 Coater – Developer Tracks or Standalone Tools.

M6000 Coater-Developer-Lift-Off Tracks

Falcon Coater Developer Tracks

Manual and Table Top System 1001 , 301, 501, CTP5, CPP 70,

LCD Tracks for up 14″


Our Stock includes various spare parts like Seidel WKs Controllers, IPD Process boards, Abakus PCBs for the Falcon Systems, Kuhnke boards, Phytron Power Supplies, F9 Spin Motors, Chucks, Hotplates, Coater Modules, Elevators, Frogleg robots, Genmark Robots, endeffectors. We repair old control boards and controllers.

Convac special Double Coater with 3 frogleg robots, 2 hotplates and 1 coolplate.

  • Convac M6000
  • Convac M6000 GaAs Double Coater with 2 Hotplates and 1 Coolplate. Year of Manufacture 1993




Special Development Track with Wafertec Resist pump and Wafertec Developer pump system.

  • Convac M6000 Special Coater Developer Track
  • with 2 hotplates, HMDS Stack, 2 Coolplates,
  • 3 Frogleg Indexer Robots, and 2 Indexses for Carriers.
  • We calibrated and fine tuned this tool.
  • All pneumatical functions were out of order.
  • The movements were either too fast or too slow.
  • So, finally the system could be realeased back to production.
  • The Developer Chuck is designed for Edge contact only to allow a perfect particle clean backside.



We decontaminate, relocate, and de-install Photolithographic tools worldwide.

  • Convac M2000 Double Track system with Hotplate and Coolplate.
  • The Handling is pick and place.
  • The transport on the hotplates and coolplates are belt driven.
  • High throughput systems.





  • Convac 501 Large Substrate Manual Coater with Air Barrier Plate
  • Dispense arm and cybor pumps.
  • We still repair these machines
  • Repair on spin motors and the Convac Controllers still available.





If you have any questions, please send us an email.